Values - the way we do things around here

Merz operate a series of employee Values that help guide the way that we interact with our customers, suppliers and end-users of our products. Our Values are:


Innovation is the lifeblood of Merz & the key to our future growth
We will empower, support considered risk-taking & encourage personal accountability as we try new ideas. Not every new thing will work, but we will keep trying and learning until we discover the things that do. We Aspire for Excellence & genuine daily progress to be our norms as we strive to deliver real innovations that help others to Live better, Feel better and Look better.


We invest in lasting relationships that are built on trust, respect & integrity
Communication and understanding are key to commitment. We will be honest, open and straight-talking as we exchange feedback with our customers, colleagues and suppliers and so build lasting relationships where all parties are peers. We believe that when we are passionate about our work, take pride in our achievements & celebrate success with our partners, business can be both personal and industry-leading.


Our promises, work & results will be trusted for years to come
Merz’ century-long heritage and commitment to partners serves to reinforce our long-term perspective as an independent Company. Quality, ethics and excellence are at the heart of what we do, patients really matter and we will always be honest. When we make a promise to a partner we WILL deliver.