Non-Surgical Brow Lift - Ultherapy® offers patients a non-surgical option for lifting the brow as well as a way to lift without the use of needles or injections, for a more open, refreshed look to eyes.


*Results can vary.

Neck & Chin

Ultherapy® lifts tissue in this hard-to-treat area by stimulating the growth of new collagen & elastin deep within the skin without surgery and minimal downtime. Tighter lifted skin is revealed over the course of 2-3 months and can continue to improve up to 6 months.


*Results can vary.


While many patients opt to treat their faces and necks to address the signs of ageing, the chest is often neglected. Because wrinkles and creases on the chest can be a tell-tale sign of one’s age, many patients are now opting to treat their chest area along with their face and neck. Just one treatment showed favourable results in clinical trials with results visible at 90-day and 180-day post-treatment follow-ups.


*Results can vary.