What attracted you to try Ultherapy®?

“I have always shied away from anything invasive in terms of treatments; anything that involves putting something foreign into your body doesn’t appeal to me. I really liked the fact that Ultherapy® is non-invasive and uses ultrasound technology to reach the deeper layers of the skin, without having to upset the surface of the skin. The treatment essentially helps to boost your own natural collagen production and encourages your skin to do the work for itself, which I loved.

Ultherapy® was also the perfect treatment to fit in with my busy lifestyle, as it required minimal downtime, meaning that I could achieve the naturally-lifted results I wanted, without having to opt for an invasive treatment that would involve additional recovery time and an aftercare routine, or compromise on the results I wanted to achieve.”

Did you find any discomfort during the treatment, if so how did you manage this throughout the treatment?

“I did experience some discomfort when the ultrasound was delivered to certain areas of my face, but it was completely tolerable and definitely worth it for the naturally lifted results I have seen. Ahead of my treatment, my Ultherapy® clinician advised me on pain relief to manage any discomfort prior to treatment, based on my own pain threshold. I experienced some mild bruising post-treatment that quickly disappeared and I was back to training for the marathon straight away.”

Do you feel Ultherapy® has helped to contour your face?

“The technician focused on the lower part of my face and jawline during the treatment, and I am definitely already seeing an incredible difference in my complexion and a lift to that area. The results of Ultherapy® usually take 2-3 months to show as the new collagen is produced, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the results continue to improve over time.

My Ultherapy® practitioner advised me that I can experience lasting results for approximately a year, without the need for additional treatments during that time, which is great!”

What do you like about your Ultherapy® results so far?

“I’m so impressed that there is already a visible difference to my jawline, just one month after treatment. I also love that the results are completely natural and I still look like myself, just a more refreshed version! I can’t wait to see how they continue to improve over the year.”

Would you recommend Ultherapy® to friends?

“I would absolutely recommend Ultherapy®, it’s such a great option for those like me that are wanting to achieve naturally lifted results, but not are not quite ready or willing to try invasive or more ‘extreme’ treatments.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the discomfort during the treatment was minimal, and I would say that like any other beauty treatment that might involve a few of minutes of discomfort, it is completely worth it for the long-lasting results and benefit to your complexion that you can see.”

Did you go straight back to work after your Ultherapy® treatment?

“The treatment took less than 90 minutes and required no down time, which meant that I could return to my everyday activities as usual, without having to spend time recovering or needing to think about an aftercare regime.

I flew to Dubai following my Ultherapy® treatment so I actually had a couple of days to relax whilst I was re-adjusting after the jet-lag. I was still preparing for the marathon at the time, and had no problems continuing with my regime when I was out there.”

What would you say is the biggest pro to Ultherapy®?

“For me, the biggest pro to Ultherapy®, is that it is a non-invasive and time-effective treatment that fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. I am an on-the-go working woman and mother of two, so it was important to me to ensure when undergoing a treatment that it would not affect my ability to continue with my day-to-day life as usual.

Ultherapy® fitted seamlessly into my lifestyle and allowed me to go about my busy schedule, whilst reaping the impressive benefits of the treatment.”

Do you feel your skin has been lifted and tightened? If so where and can you describe the results?

“Absolutely, since having Ultherapy®, the skin around my jawline has become tighter and looks more lifted, where it was becoming slightly droopy before. The results are already showing a subtle and natural lift, without giving the ‘stretched’ effect that you sometimes see with other invasive treatments.”

Can you describe your Ultherapy® experience?

“From start to finish, my experience with Ultherapy® was straight-forward, informative and professional. I initially met with my practitioner for a one to one consultation to assess my eligibility for the treatment, including my levels of skin laxity, and discuss what my requirements were and the results I was hoping to achieve in order to decide on a treatment plan that was right for me.

I also received personalised advice on how to manage any discomfort ahead of the treatment, which was great as I felt prepared and knew what to expect. The practitioner was incredibly knowledgeable when answering my questions pre-treatment, and assured me that authentic Ultherapy® is an FDA and CE certified treatment, so I felt more comfortable undergoing the treatment. Also I learned that Ultherapy® is unique in allowing the practitioner to visualise under the skin. This is really important in terms of the treatment planning since we all have different skin types and thickness and this allows the practitioner to select the appropriate depth to treat.”

Why did you opt for Ultherapy® over other non-surgical procedures?

“I was initially interested in having Ultherapy® because I had seen and heard so many great things about the treatment. The results shown in the before and after images speak for themselves!

I also was encouraged by the fact that the treatment is non-invasive and uses clever ultrasound technology to stimulate the collagen and elastin production in the skin at a much deeper level than most procedures. I really like the idea of a treatment giving a helping hand for the skin to improve itself by encouraging collagen and elastin production, as opposed to relying completely on artificial ingredients or invasive techniques to reach an effective outcome.

I really liked the fact that I can go for one 90 minute appointment and experience the benefits for up to a year without having to go for top ups to maintain the results.”