Is Ultherapy® right for your clinic?

A demonstrated practice builder, offering one of the highest ROI of any non-invasive facial aesthetic treatment.1*

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Ultherapy® is reshaping the aesthetics landscape

*Based on combined average hourly profit of different treatment zones.

Is Ultherapy® right for your clinic?

Complete the following questions to see if Ultherapy® can help your business realise its full potential

Is your treatment service led by a medical professional?


Ultherapy® is a medical device, only clinics that deliver medical professional-administered services are eligible to be Ultherapy® providers.

I’m afraid it doesn’t look like your clinic is ready at this time to add Ultherapy®. At Merz Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with the products and service that are suitable for your clinic, that can help your business grow.

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How many people are in your client base (approx.)?


Ultherapy® is appropriate for about 5% of a typical client base.

For Ultherapy® to be profitable, we suggest you need to have 300 patients or more. In order to grow your client list and make yourself Ultherapy® ready, consider broadening your marketing activities.


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On average, what is the age range of your patients?


Ultherapy® tends to deliver the best results in people aged 29–45.

The Ultherapy® clinical data and our global experience indicates that aesthetic clinics with the majority of their client base between these ages will experience optimal results and profits.


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How many of your current patients have ever had a dermatology-grade facial (e.g. chemical peel)?


European research has provided the clear insight that clients most likely to choose Ultherapy® are those that will have had a dermatology-grade facial in the past. An existing customer base with an appetite for medical, non-surgical skin tightening services is the ideal place to introduce Ultherapy® and deliver early and reliable profit for your business.


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What marketing channels are currently used in your clinics? Click all that apply


Social media activity has been shown to have a significant correlation to Ultherapy® profitability.

Merz Aesthetics are happy to support your local social media activities by providing Ultherapy® Social Media Kits that provide you with everything you need to share existing promotional campaigns with your client base and wider local community.


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