The Only Fda-cleared Micro-focused Ultrasounddevice With Real-time Visualisation.1-3


Real-time visualisation, the foundation of Ultherapy® technology, allows you to view beneath the skin’s surface, enabling a high level of precision and customisation for enhanced safety and optimal aesthetic results.2–7


Ultherapy® treats to depths of up to 4.5 mm, allowing you to target deep layers of collagen.3–6,8


Ultherapy® provides a technology that consistently heats tissue to 65°C, which is optimal for collagen denaturation.2,5,8

Ultherapy® Areas of treatment

Mechanism of Action

Optimised Neocollagenesis

Ultherapy® represents a remarkable evolution in aesthetic science, employing micro-focused ultrasound to create thermal coagulation points (TCPs) in dermal, subcutaneous and even the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) tissue layers. TCPs heat tissues to the optimal temperature for collagen denaturation.3,5,8

Neocollagenesis, the body’s natural wound-healing response, commences immediately and proceeds through three phases that can produce visible results for over one year.3,8–12

Diagram showing inflammation.
Diagram showing proliferation.
Image showing mechanism & maturation.

Treats the same deep tissue planes as surgery12,13

Localised heating at depths of 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, and 4.5 mm treats deeper than lasers or radiofrequency.3,5,8

Diagram showing microfocused ultrasound.

Only Ultherapy® is proven to increase collagen synthesis by 42%12

Ultherapy® is a collagen creator12

In a study, patients received Ultherapy® treatment on one side of the face only, to compare results. The side treated with Ultherapy® demonstrated:12


average increase in the rate of collagen production


increase in the rate of production of the collagen Types I and III, associated with the effects of ageing

Graph adapted from Sasaki GH, et al. ASDS Poster #103, 2018. Standard deviations of replicate measurements are represented by error bars.

Graph adapted from Sasaki GH, et al. ASDS Poster #103, 2018. Standard deviations of replicate measurements are represented by error bars.

Graph adapted from Sasaki GH, et al. ASDS Poster #103, 2018.

Graph adapted from Sasaki GH, et al. ASDS Poster #103, 2018.


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